Mandip Sehmi athlete blog

Mandip Sehmi athlete blog

Above: Mandip (right) as part of the promotion for the Channel 4 television show "Inside Incredible Athletes."


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I would like to use this blog to firstly introduce myself and then share my preparation for London 2012 so far! My name is Mandip Sehmi; I was born in Leamington Spa and have lived in the area my whole life. I’m a full time athlete playing Wheelchair Rugby for Great Britain.


I was introduced to the sport when I suffered a spinal cord injury in the summer of 2000 due to a car crash. After a long period of Rehab I started training with my local team. After a year of training I was scouted for a World Friendship Tour in 2002 in which a development GB squad traveled with Haslemere RC; an able bodied rugby team around the world in four weeks. We competed in San Diego, Singapore, Sydney and Cape Town. This tour was the changing point in my life; helping me realize my limitations…I had none!


I made my first debut for the elite squad in 2005 competing at the European Championships in which we won Gold, since then I have competed in various tournaments for GB also winning Gold at the 2007 Europeans.


The highlight of my career so far has to be the 2008 Beijing Paralympics. Being selected for a Paralympics is huge honor, to represent your country at the highest sporting level is what every athlete trains for. After narrowly missing out on a medal my hunger and desire to gain one has fueled my training even more!


The highlight of the year so far for me has been the selection of the Worlds team in which I have made the final eleven athletes selected to represent GB at the World Championships in Vancouver in September.


The year has been very tough so far; preparations for the World Championships are fully underway and we are less than seven weeks away from a competition in which the worlds top twelve teams will battle it out to be best! I hope that we can go to the Worlds and medal, as this would be a great platform leading into London 2012.


Channel 4 have been following our squad and their documentary titled ‘Inside Incredible Athletes’ will be broadcast on the 29th of August which marks two years to the day of the launch of the London 2012 Paralympic games! The program will give a little insight to the games, be sure to watch it!


When I think of London 2012 I’m filled with excitement. To compete at a Paralympics is amazing, but to compete at a Paralympics in your own country with all of your family and friends in the crowd along with everyone who has supported you through the journey and a nation behind you! Well, what can I say!?  It’s going to be the biggest and best Games our generation will see and WE can all be a part of it!


I hope you have a little insight into my life and my ambition to win Gold at London 2012!


Mandip Sehmi,

GB Wheelchair Rugby player



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