Coventry gardens for the Games

Coventry gardens for the Games

Purple basil is leading the way in Coventry. This excitable herb is recommended by the local charity Garden Organic as one of the London 2012 coloured crops to help people celebrate the Games.


Garden Organic is the UK’s leading organic growing charity based at Ryton on Dunsmore. They’re engaging over 1,000 of their volunteer Master Gardeners and Master Composters to Garden for the Games by signing up as ‘Local Leaders’ – and encourage other residents to sign up too.


Many of these local champions mentor a street’s worth of neighbours, while others transform landscapes in schools, shared gardens and housing estates.


As a Local Leader and Master Gardener project manager, I’m rather excited by communities growing and sharing their tasty veg to celebrate the Games throughout Coventry and Warwickshire. From snug windowsills to shared gardens and allotments, there’s a space for London 2012 coloured veg to harvest for family events and communal feasts.


I’ve delighted to have worked with the enthusiastic team at London 2012 to put together a list of vegetables to match the London 2012 colours. These specially selected crops have enthusiastic varieties to tempt beginner and more ambitious growers. They'll race towards the cropping finish line with bright colours showing neighbourhood support for the world's athletes.


The Local Leaders programme, an Organising Committee first, invites people across the UK to create their own Games celebrations. As well as tempting veg, there are also bright flowers and designs for London 2012, Team GB, Olympic Rings, and Paralympic themed displays.


Get involved:


Click HERE to sign up as Garden for the Games Local Leader in Coventry
(and download veg and flower growing guides…)


Click here to find your local Master Gardener


Search growing advice with Garden Organic



By Philip Turvil, Coventry, Master Gardener project manager and Local Leader




Tips for Local Leaders on how they might ‘Garden for the Games’


Grow edible golden marigolds
Perfect for when the Olympic Torch Relay comes to your street or town.
Add yellow chard, golden lettuce, or tasty pot marigolds (links open PDFs)


Grow a champions’ feast for a London 2012 party
Swap seeds and plants with friends, family and communities to grow and share varieties with just the right colours…


Grow flowers!
Plant in team colours to support your athletes or teams training in your area. Plant your own Olympic Rings or Paralympic Agitos in your garden


Grow a colourful wildflower meadow
Small strip in your garden or a large patch in a community area – which doubles as a haven for bees and other wildlife, like the golden meadows around the Olympic Stadium


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